J J&L Garden Center's Retail Store Closed October 31, 2017

J&L Garden Center's Landscaping Service is still Operating as Normal. ___ Our Mailing Address is 681 North 400 East, Centerville, Ut 84014

Welcome to J&L Landscaping Service. For Landscaping Information and Service Please Call: 801-870-2359

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Gordon is a licensed Landscape Contractor and offers a full range of landscape services… New yard installation, Minor Yard and Garden Renovation, or a total Yard Makeover.

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J&L’s Mailing Address:

681 North 400 East  Centerville, UT 84014



Please Download and Print a complete listing of all of J&L’s Gardening Tips and Handouts for your reference:___ J&L Handouts Complete Listing

J&L Gardening Handout List

J&L has provided many gardening tips and handouts over the years. Most of these handouts are still available to download, or we can mail a copy to you. Listed below are the 150+ handouts that we have currently available. The first page of each handout is on our website, so you can get an idea about what it contains; just click on the handout name and a Jpeg image will pop up on your screen.

If you would like to receive a copy of a handout by email, please send $1.00 (for each handout you would like to download) to our mailing address – 681 North 400 East  Centerville, UT 84014.

If you would like a Black & White copy of any handout mailed to you, please send $1.00 for each handout you would like to receive.

If you would like a color copy of a particular handout mailed to you, please send $2.00 for each handout you would like to receive (except those listed below).

The following color handouts are $4.00 each: Planting Flower Bulbs in the Fall, Garden Soil-The Basics, Herb Gardening-The Basics, Harvesting and Storing Herbs, Hydrangea Care, Impatiens Problems and Solutions, Lawn Care Guidelines, Perennial Flower Gardens, Pruning Guideline Basics, Tree Renovation Pruning, Rose Care, Tree Anatomy & Uses, Wildbird Food Guidelines.

If you would like a copy of our 12 Month Gardening Calendar mailed to you, please send $4.00.

We do not have a credit card processor set up at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Vegetable Planting Guide

Vegetable Planting Guide

FREE DOWNLOAD Vegetable Planting Guide

good soil

Make Good Soil Receipe2019_CalendarWebsite

Good Soil Recipe

summer leaf scorch

Prevent Summer Leaf Scorch

Prevent Summer Leaf Scorch

How Much Should You Water?

How Much Water?

Watering Containers

Watering Containers

Watering Containers

Water Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Water Too Much

Water Wise Gardening

Water Wise Garden Tips

Waterwise Gardening

********* Featured Seasonal
Handouts **************

Fun Posters

J&L has several “Fun Signs and Posters” that are Available to receive either as a pdf, or as a mailed hard copy. The cost for an emailed copy is $1.00 per page.
Mailed copies printed on cardstock
8.5″ x 11″ non laminated $2.50         laminated $ 6.00 (price for each page) – 2 or more less 10% – 4 or more less 20% See You Later Page 1
12″  x 18″ non laminated $5.00         laminated $12.00 (price for each page) – 2 or more  less 10% – 4 or more less 20%
Please Mail A Check to J&L Landscaping Services 681 North 400 East Centerville, Ut 84014 (Online payments will not be available for a few weeks)

See You Later PosterSee You Later Poster Page 1
See You Later PosterSee You Later Poster Page 2
See You Later PosterSee You Later Poster Page 3
See You Later PosterSee You Later Poster Page 4
See You Later PosterSee You Later Poster Page 5
Pepper Heat Chart

Scoville Scale Chart

Common Sense

Common Sense Guidelines 1

Common Sense 2

Common Sense Guidelines 2

Snail Bait

Snail Bait 1

Snail Bait 4

Snail Bait 4

gardening quotes

Gardening Quotes

Business Training and Signage

Coming Soon …. J&L has developed an employee manual, many handouts, posters, and signs, to help train our employees, and to satisfy governmental regulations. We would like to offer this employee manual, and the posters and signs, to other businesses to use in their employee training programs. We can customize the employee manual as required to meet your needs, or we can supply signs and posters to add to your existing employee training manual. Please click on the links below for a sample of these materials. Please call Gary (801-870-2399) for more details and prices for these supplies

Common Sense

Common Sense Poster

Forklift traing poster 4

Forklift Safety Poster 4

tractor training page 1

Tractor Safety Poster 1

Many More signs and information to choose from. Please see our Employee Manual Table of contents for more topics.

About Us

J&L Garden Center and Landscaping Inc. closed it’s retail store on October 31, 2017 after 59 years of operation by the Smith Family.  Gary, Gordon and Sharon (second generation) have been working and running the family business since 1980, and took over complete management in 2002 when the last of the first generation retired.  It was a hard decision to close the store, but one the family needed to make because there was no one in the third generation that wanted to continue the family tradition.

J&L Landscaping Service is still active and provides professional landscape services to the Salt Lake and Davis County areas. Gordon is a licensed Landscape Contractor and provides a pruning service in the spring, and runs a landscape service during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Gordon and his crew can install a complete landscape for a new home. He can also help with minor renovations around the yard, or he can do a complete yard makeover. Please give him a call for help with your landscaping needs.

History of J&L
about usJ&L Garden Center was established in 1958. Our grand opening was April 12- 13, 1958. John S. Smith and E. Lloyd Smith (J&L) began the J&L Garden Center partnership in the spring of 1958. Lloyd worked at Hill Air Force Base while John operated the Garden Center. John’s wife, Faye, worked by his side to operate the garden center and doubled as bookkeeper. Faye continued taking care of the financial part of the business until the day before she passed away; January 28, 2001. Faye would often take her children to work with her and put them in a make shift play pen – a wheelbarrow.

J&L’s first store was located on Porter Lane in Centerville, Ut. It was a very small building that was the previous location of the Porter Walton Garden Center. While in Centerville, J&L sold trees, shrubs, flowers, gardening tools, and even pet supplies. It was not unusual to see a monkey, lizards, alligators, chipmunks, squirrels, or even parrots inside the store.

Front Entrance

The building itself was too small for the items J&L was selling. When J&L moved to our present  Bountiful location, the building was remodeled and became the office for Porter Lane Wholesale Nursery. The building was demolished in 2003 to become the entrance to a new housing development.

Two more of John’s brothers (and their wives), were also involved in the business. Albert and Norine Smith, and Robert and Carol Smith, worked in the retail division of J&L Garden Center, while John worked in the landscape division. Through the years all of John’s, Robert’s, Albert’s, and most of Lloyd’s children have worked at J&L, either in the retail or landscape divisions, sometimes both.

about usIn 1973 J&L Garden Center outgrew their facility in Centerville. By coincidence, the owners of Greenhagen’s Garden Center (our present location of 620 North 500 West Bountiful) wanted to retire and to sell their business.

John, Robert, Albert and Lloyd all jumped at the chance to buy the business and move to the larger location. Through the years J&L has grown and expanded its facilities into what it is today.

J&L started as a small family business and has remained a family business, even though many of the employees are now non-family.

Albert and Robert retired from the business several years ago, but they still to continue to provide assistance when needed. Lloyd passed away Feb. 4, 2001, just one week after Faye.

In 2002 John decided it was time to retire and sold the business to two of his sons and one daughter. Gary, Gordon, and Sharon bought the business and are continuing to manage the business the way John taught them, with a few changes that their college educations inspired.

John-Storton-SmithJohn Storton Smith passed away peacefully, surrounded by all of his living children, on Thursday, February 4, 2016 due to causes incident to age: exactly fifteen years, to the day, after Lloyd died. When John died, he had 9 children, 42 grand children and 34 great grandchildren, with more already on the way.

Many of John’s grandchildren continue to work at J&L, and many more are waiting to work when they are old enough.


delivery truckToday, J&L employs 12 to 15 people during the winter season and more than 50 people during the spring and summer planting season.

J&L Garden Center is a full line Garden Center and Nursery. J&L offers a wide variety of plants, garden decorations, garden supplies, indoor garden decorations, and Christmas trees and decorations.

J&L has always maintained that customer service is the most important part of any retail business. J&L provides expert sales people to help answer many gardening questions.

J&L Garden Center provides gardening classes in the spring to help teach the homeowner some easy ways to improve their yard and garden.

J&L Garden Center also provides a Gardening Newsletter and many Gardening Tips handouts.

Our website, www.JLGardenCenter.com, contains many of the gardening newsletters, as well as the gardening handouts that J&L has written.

All of this is part of our commitment to provide exceptional service, knowledgeable advice, high quality products, and reasonable prices.

Some of the buildings that J&L has landscaped over the years include: The baseball field at Snow College, The Huntsman Basketball Center, the Married Student Housing complex, and the Bookstore at the UofU. The Library and Science Building at Weber State University. The Kellogg Building at USU. The Logan Temple restoration. Numerous LDS Chapels from Logan to Oak City, UT. Many Utah Power & Light office buildings from Salt Lake, to Tooele, To New Mexico. Countless number of Individual Homes and Businesses.


Additional Gardening Links Still Coming …

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