About Us

About Us

J&L Garden Center was established in 1958, in Centerville, Utah. Our grand opening was April 12 - 13, 1958.John S. Smith and E. Lloyd Smith (J&L) began the J&L Garden Center partnership in the spring of 1958. Lloyd and John are brothers. Lloyd worked at Hill Air Force Base while John operated the Garden Center.

Mission Statements

J&L Garden Center is a full-service, full-line, retail Garden Center. J&L provides a wide range of Gardening Supplies including; Garden Seeds, Garden Furniture, Planters and Pottery, Pond Supplies, Lawn and Garden Fertilizers, Bark and Mulch Products, Chemical and Organic Pecticides, Arbors..


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Winter Plant Care

Some plants are much more ‘winter hardy’ than others. Many plants that thrive in California and Oregon, without any special winter care, will struggle and die if they are not properly protected during the winter in Utah. Conversely, many plants that are not supposed to survive the winter in Utah may grow and flourish if they receive the correct winter care.

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