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J&L Gardening Handout List

J&L has provided many gardening tips and handouts over the years. Most of these handouts are still available to download, or we can mail a copy to you. Listed below are the 150+ handouts that we have currently available. The first page of each handout is on our website, so you can get an idea about what it contains; just click on the handout name and a Jpeg image will pop up on your screen.

If you would like to receive a copy of a handout by email, please send $1.00 (for each handout you would like to download) to our mailing address Р681 North 400 East  Centerville, UT 84014.

If you would like a Black & White copy of any handout mailed to you, please send $1.00 for each handout you would like to receive.

If you would like a color copy of a particular handout mailed to you, please send $2.00 for each handout you would like to receive (except those listed below).

The following color handouts are $4.00 each: Planting Flower Bulbs in the Fall, Garden Soil-The Basics, Herb Gardening-The Basics, Harvesting and Storing Herbs, Hydrangea Care, Impatiens Problems and Solutions, Lawn Care Guidelines, Perennial Flower Gardens, Pruning Guideline Basics, Tree Renovation Pruning, Rose Care, Tree Anatomy & Uses, Wildbird Food Guidelines.

If you would like a copy of our 12 Month Gardening Calendar mailed to you, please send $4.00.

We do not have a credit card processor set up at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Vegetable Planting Guide

Vegetable Planting Guide

FREE DOWNLOAD Vegetable Planting Guide

good soil

Make Good Soil Receipe2019_CalendarWebsite

Good Soil Recipe

summer leaf scorch

Prevent Summer Leaf Scorch

Prevent Summer Leaf Scorch

How Much Should You Water?

How Much Water?

Watering Containers

Watering Containers

Watering Containers

Water Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Water Too Much

Water Wise Gardening

Water Wise Garden Tips

Waterwise Gardening

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