Lucky Bamboo

The Chinese say that Lucky Bamboo will bring good fortune to your home or business. In Asia, it is given as a gift to those starting a new business, or to someone moving into a new home, or to anyone at any time of celebration. Since Lucky Bamboo requires no natural light it is especially nice in a home or office; in an area where no other plants can grow. It is very easy to grow and will live for many years. Unlike its name, Lucky Bamboo is not a bamboo at all; it just looks like bamboo. Lucky bamboo is actually a dracena – Dracaena sanderana.
Curls. Many lucky bamboo have fancy curls or waves. They do not grow that way naturally. Growers have to lay the stocks on a table in a greenhouse. They cover three sides to keep them dark. One side has bright light. The plant naturally grows toward the light and then the grower rotates the stock to make it curl. It can take as long as a year to produce a complete curl.
Care. Keep your lucky Bamboo in 1”-3” of water, just enough to cover the roots. There is no need to transplant it into soil. This is not a winter hardy plant, so, it will not survive if you plant it in the garden. Add water to the container as needed and wash out the container regularly, at least once a month. Keep your lucky bamboo in temperatures from 45 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Water. Lucky Bamboo does not like chlorine so either use distilled water or let the water sit for at least 24 hours before adding it to your plant. Be sure to change the water about every two weeks so the water does not become stagnant. Wash off all the leaves and stalks of your lucky bamboo once every month or two to help remove spidermites. Fertilizer is not necessary to keep your Lucky Bamboo alive but it does help.
Light. Lucky Bamboo does not need natural light. In fact, it prefers to be out of direct sun. The low-light conditions in an office are great for Lucky Bamboo.
The main stalks of the Lucky Bamboo will not grow any longer than they are now. The leaves on the top of the stock will grow upwards. The more area the roots have to grow (the bigger the container), the faster and longer the leaves will grow, but the main stock will remain the same length. The leaves can eventually form stems of their own.
Ancient Chinese tradition has it that the number of lucky bamboo stalks in a container have different meanings and bring different beneficial factors into your life. Everyone loves to receive good luck and beautiful decorations for the home or office.

Lucky bamboo is the perfect gift, it represents good luck and it is extremely easy to care for. Give one to your friends and neighbors.