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Happy Winter Gardening!
Winter is an important time in the gardening season, more so than you think. Many people see the winter as a time to close down the garden, and wait until the spring to start up gardening activities again. However, there are plenty of things you can do in the winter months to continue enjoying the pleasures of gardening. Learn to love winter gardening, and you can make some positive changes in your garden.

What Can You Do This Winter to Prepare for Next Summer's Garden? Get a Jump on Spring! Don't let your green thumb wither this winter, and visit us at J&L for the items you need for your fun Winter Gardening Projects. Winter gardening makes for a much sweeter spring. Click here to see some of our winter gardening suggestions and ideas.
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Download a copy of J&L's 'Tree & Shrub Planting Guide' and J&L's 'Dr. Earth's Plant Guarantee'. Click Here.
  1. Shade Trees
  2. Fruit Trees
  3. Pine Trees
  4. Flowering Shrubs
  5. Hydrangeas
  6. Rhododendrons & Azaleas
  7. Berries & Grapes
  8. Strawberries
  9. Blueberries
  10. Junipers
  11. Clematls
  12. Vines
  13. Perennial FLowers
  14. Hosta
  15. Daylily
  16. Ornamental Grasses
  17. Pond Plants
  18. Broadleaf Evergreens
  19. Roses
  20. Japanese Maples
  21. Peonies
  22. Raspberry & Blackberry
  23. Herbs
  24. Ferns
  25. Groundcovers
  26. Cannas
  27. Chrysanthemum
  28. Pepper
  29. Potato
  30. Tomato
  31. Sweet Potato
  32. Bean, Corn & Peas
  33. Mulch
We have a Great Selection Of Plant available. Please stop by and 'Browse Our Nursery' for even more ideas to choose from. Please call to find out if we have a specific plant in stock or for a specific price quote.      
Not All Plants are Available all year long, so please give us a call to see if the plants you are looking for are available.  thank you  -
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