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Christmas Trivia 
Everyone has there own Christmas Traditions. Click here to find out where some of the common Christmas Traditions began.Christmas Traditions –
Did you know that people starting decorating Christmas trees clear back in 1531? Click here to see some more interesting facts about Christmas Trees. Fun Facts about Christmas Trees.
Christmas Decorations 
We start changing our ‘Gardening Store’ into our ‘Christmas Shoppe’ begining the first week of October. By early November, we are set up with displays that can help you choose some fun and unique items. By Thanksgiving, we are completely ready for the Holiday Decorating Season.
Stop by to see our selection of Fresh Cut Christmas Trees, Fresh Wreaths, Garland, and Cemetary Planters.
We also have Holiday Lights,  Unique Tree Decorations, Jim Shore’s Collectibles, Willow Tree Ornaments . Fontanini Nativity Sets,   Joseph’s Studio Figurines, Holiday Door Mats, and So Much More.  Click on each of the Categories at the top of the page for more info about the items we like.

Door Mats

Choose from many different, interchangable designs – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine, Spring Summer and Fall. Many Styles have matching mailbox covers, garden signs, or garden flags. Buy a Blank Rubber Doormat and replace the Decorative Insert for every season.
Put your Favorite College Team on your front porch, or in a bedroom. USU, UofU, BYU

Artificial Christmas Trees
Our selection of Artificial Christmas trees ranges in height from six inches to seven feet tall. Our pre-lit trees are popular for those who don’t have a lot of time to decorate. We have fat trees, skinny trees, and in between trees. We also have an excellent selection of Fresh-Cut Christmas trees, perfect to add a little fragrance to the home, and to bring back the memories from Christmas past.
Artificial Wreaths & Garlands
When Fresh Cut Wreaths and garlands just don’t last long enough, you can enjoy realistic, artificial substitutes. They look great and you can re use them every year, making your holiday decorating a little bit easier.
However, don’t forget to hang a ‘Real, Fresh-Cut Wreath’ outside on your front door, for that special aroma for your arriving guests. Use fresh garland between your posts and on the front porch railings.
J&L provides many different ‘Theme Trees’ and Unique Decorations. You can choose ornaments from many different themes and create your own masterpiece.


Nativity Sets
We have nativity sets by Fontanini, Republic, Joseph’s Studio, Sterling, Sullivan, and Willow Tree Figurines< . J&L's Fontanini Product and Price List undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

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     We have an extensive Christmas lighting section, including the traditional C-9 or C-7 light sets for outside use. We have the C-9 and C-7 light cord available by the foot. You can measure the area you want to light, and get the exact length you need. However, the maximum recommended length is 90 sockets.
We have eight colors of miniature lights with either green or white cords. You can also choose from 20 light sets, 35 light sets, 50 light sets, and 100 light sets. We have specialty light sets that include several styles and colors of LED lights.


     Poinsettias are easy to grow and can add a wide variety of color to your home. Poinsettias are available with white, pink, red, yellow, speckled, and even multi-colored bracts. More poinsettias are commercially grown in the world than any other houseplant or flower. Two-thirds of all poinsettias grown in the world are sold in the United States. Almost everyone in the United States buys one or two poinsettia plants every year, many people buy even more.

Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not poisonous plants. The milky sap is usually harmless but in rare cases it may irritate someone’s skin. Fortunately the sap doesn’t taste good and it may irritate the stomach, but it will not poison anyone. Even though poinsettias are easy to grow they are not “foolproof”. Many people have problems with them dropping their leaves prematurely or losing their bracts. The length of blooming time depends on how well you take care of your plant.

  • The most common poinsettia problem is leaves dropping off prematurely. Leaf drop can be caused by:
    1. Not enough light.
    2. Too much or too little water.
    3. Hot or cold drafts.
    4. Lack of fertilizer.
  • To keep you poinsettias looking their best.
    1. Put your poinsettia in a place where it gets plenty of light.
    2. Keep the temperature constant, between 60 and 70 degrees.
    3. Water consistently and fertilize regularly.
    4. Keep your plant out of drafts.


     Nothing helps take the dreariness out of the winter days than fresh, blooming flowers. No flower is more spectacular than the Amaryllis. Amaryllis normally bloom in the spring, but when the bulbs are stored in cool temperatures of 55 degrees Fahrenheit for several weeks, the genetic timetable of the amaryllis bulb is set ahead and it can be in full bloom during the winter. Some varieties of Amaryllis will bloom earlier than others.

Amaryllis bulbs are sometimes unpredictable. The bulbs may start growing and blooming immediately after planting but some bulbs may wait several weeks to start growing. Once the bulb starts growing it usually takes six to eight weeks for the blossoms to appear. After your blossoms have faded don’t be too surprised if another blossom stem appears later in the spring or summer.

Fresh Cut Christmas TreesFresh Wreaths and Garlands 
     Our ‘Fresh-Cut’ trees, garlands, and wreaths arrive the last week of November and are ready for purchase the day after Thanksgiving each year. Keep Your Fresh-cut Christmas Tree Fresh.

  1. Test for freshness when you buy your tree.
  2. Cut one inch off of the base of your tree and put your tree in a bucket of warm water immediately.
  3. Use a water stand.
  4. Do not cut bark off the tree to make it fit into your tree stand.
  5. Always use miniature lights.
  6. Never, never have a fire in the same room as a Christmas Tree.
  7. Spray your tree with “Wilt Prufe”.
     While you are enjoying all the Christmas Decorations, you may also want to pick up a gift or two for the gardeners in your life. Gloves, hats, hand tools, plants stands, wild bird feeders, seed starting supplies, and Amaryllis bulbs are some of our most popular gifts for gardeners.

Potted Christmas Trees

You can enjoy a potted Christmas tree inside for Christmas, and then plant it outside after Christmas: instead of just throwing your tree away. Colorado Spruce seems to be the favorite tree for this purpose, however, Austrian Pine, Bosnian Pine, and Scotch Pine are just as nice as a potted Christmas tree. For the best results follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Keep your tree inside the house 10 to 14 days.
  2. Keep your tree as cool as possible while inside the house.
  3. Water your tree thoroughly every two or three days.
  4. Spray your tree with Wilt Prufe just before you bring the tree inside, and repeat the spray when you take the tree back outside.
  5. Protect your tree for a week or two after you take it back outside.

While you are enjoying all the Christmas Decorations, you may also want to pick up a gift or two for the gardeners in your life. Gloves, hats, hand tools, plants stands, wild bird feeders, seed starting supplies, and Amaryllis bulbs are some of our most popular gifts for gardeners.