Products – Fountains

Cement Fountains and birdbaths are susceptible to winter damage because they hold water all summer. If the water penetrates into the concrete during the summer the water inside the concrete will freeze in the winter. Shells and bowls left exposed to icing conditions may start to shale and crack due to the mechanical force of the water freezing and expanding along the concrete surface.

The same principle also applies to concrete planters and statues. Make sure that planters are drained of water and are above any snow or water that may accumulate during the winter, or similar freezing and cracking may occur. Statues may also sustain winter damage if they are left outside during the winter, sitting in a pool of water or if the concrete base has absorbed water during the summer.

Cement planters, birdbaths, fountains and statuary have been manufactured with the weather in mind. The concrete mix contains fibers and mechanical additives which enhance the elastic qualities of the concrete. The components are sometimes further reinforced with steel. Normal, unharmful, surface shrinkage cracks may sometimes appear – but your planter, fountain and statue will not crack through, due to weather, if three important rules are followed:

  1. Take the fountain inside a shed or cover it with black plastic (do not use clear plastic to cover fountains.) . Do not allow water to collect and freeze in the bowl or shell.
  2. Do not allow the concrete items to sit in a pool of ice!
  3. Seal the concrete every two or three years to prevent water from penetrating into the concrete.

Algae and lime buildup are two common problems in birdbaths and fountains during the summer. The best control for these two problems is a regular cleaning with Henri Fountain Cleaner which is an easy way to foam away mineral buildups without damaging the concrete or paint finishes. A good scrub brush will also remove any unwanted algae or lime buildup. Biological algae and mosquito controls are available to use in bird baths and fountains to help prevent algae buildup and mosquitos from hatching.

Chemical algae preventers are not recommended because of the damage they may cause to the fountain or birdbath and the surrounding plants.