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There is a language barrier to overcome when you become a gardener. Someone tells you: “Add two to four pounds of 5-10-5 per one hundred square feet.” You nod knowingly – even though you have no idea what they just said. If someone talks about “crowns”, you think they are talking about British royalty. If “nipping” is suggested, you can’t wait to get to the bar. If you are having trouble with backyard jargon, take this test to learn where you stand
Gardening Quiz:
1. The definition of ‘annual’ is:

  • When many people balance their checkbooks.
  • A plant that flowers within a year then dies.

2. Axil is:

  • What broke when you overloaded the wheelbarrow.
  • Someone who behaves as though sick, as in ‘Fred Axil’.
  • The angle between the leaf stalk and stem.
3.Evergreen is:

  • What broke when you overloaded the wheelbarrow.
  • Someone who behaves as though sick, as in ‘Fred Axil’.
  • The angle between the leaf stalk and stem.
4. Use the word ‘Anemone’ in a sentence, as in:

  • ‘He never had anemone in the world.’
5. A Dutch Hoe is:

  • What Santa says, in triplicate in Holland.
  • A cultivating toe with a long handle and a flat blade.
6. Grafting is:

  • What politicians do when they run short of cash.
  • Cultural payoffs, know as arts and grafts.
  • Plant propagation using lengths of stems.pepper
7. Hybrid is:

  • Opposite of ‘lobrid.
  • How brids greet each other
  • The plant that results from the crossing of two distinctly different species.
Download the rest of this ‘fun gardening quiz’ for more gardening jargon.

Gardening can be expensive. Buying the proper tools and supplies can save both time and money. Invest in quality supplies and you will have more fun gardening.


We stock a complete assortment of hand tools for gardening projects in your yard Vertex Hand ToolsHand ToolsWe have special gardening tools for individuals with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. These wrist-saving tools are manufactured by Vertex Company. We have quality Shovels, Rakes, and Hoes from the Midwest Tool Company. We have a large selection of tools from the Corona Company . We have Corona hand trowels, shovels, OXO Garden Tools rakes, hoes, cultivators, picks, and pruning tools). Flex Rake Companymaufactures leaf rakes. We stock Harper Company Brooms and Brushes. Our newest brand of hand tools are from the Oxo Company.



We have an excellent selection of Mountain Valley Seeds, Lilly Miller Seeds, Lake Valley Seeds, and Burpee Seeds. We have many varieties of Pea, Bean, Corn, Onion, Radish, Carrot, Beet, Tomato, Lettuce, Spinach, and Squash seed available in Bulk Packages.

We have” targe ‘Garden In A Can’ and ’22 Garden Seeds In A Can’ – collections of non-hybrid vegetable seeds packaged in a metal can; perfect for long-term storage. These canned seeds can store up to 6 years and still have good germination rates. What are Heirloom Seeds, tomatoNon-Hybrid Seeds, and Hybrid Seeds? 

Don’t forget ‘Seeds for Sprouts’. Sprouting Seeds are great to use on salads, sandwiches and soups. 


Bulk Pack Vegetable Seeds
Peas Early Frosty
Little Marvel
Sugar Sprint
Green Arrow
Sugar Snap Pole
Oregon Sugar Pod
Mr. Big
Progress #9
Beans Blue Lake Bush
Blue Lake Pole
Kentucky Wonder
Roma II
Corn Miracle
Sugar Bunns
Kandy Korn
Peaches & Cream
Honey Select
Carrots Nantes
Little Finger
Beets Detroit Red
Early Wonder
Ruby Queen
Seeds for Sprouts
Radish Champion
Hail Stone
Cherry Belle
Onions White Spanish
White Bunching
White Pickling
Spinach Swiss Chard Lettuce Turnip Tomato


Seed Germination Test:

There are not too many things more frustrating than planting seeds and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting for them to germinate and nothing happens. If you are not sure how old the seed is or how well it has been stored you may want to test the germination rate before you plant.

Make a blanket of three paper towels. Moisten the towels and sprinkle at least 10 seeds on the towels. Cover the seeds with 3 moist paper towels. Put the towels in a perforated plastic bag that will help to keep the towels moist and also allow good air circulation to prevent mold. Put the germination kit in a warm, dark place.

Check the seeds daily to make sure the paper towels have not dried out. Most vegetable seeds will start to germinate in about a week. Remove the seeds as they sprout, noting how many of the batch germinated. A good germination rate is 8 out of 10. Seed companies can sell seeds as long as the rate is at least 6 out of 10; but they have to indicate that the seed has a lower germination rate.

By law, seed companies have to indicate the germination rate of any seed packets that weigh more than 1 pound. Seeds packaged in less than 1 pound packets only have the year they were packaged stamped on their label. Seed companies have to re-test all their seeds every 12 months; except grass seed. Grass seed has to be re-tested every 18 months.


Grass Seed
We stock many different blends of grass seed. Choose the mixture that best fits your needs. 
Magic Carpet Kentucky Bluegrass Mix | Sports Field Mix of Ryegrass, Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass | Sun and Shade Mix of red fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass | Necrotic Ringspot Resistant mix of Kentucky Bluegrass | Less Water mix of Dwarf Hard Fescue grass seed | Pixie Tall Fescue | Daytonna Perennial Ryegrass | Crested Wheatgrass | Irrigated Pasture Mix | Dryland Pasture Mix | Slope Saver mix of sheep fescue, chewing fescue, and hard fescue | Bonsai, double-dwarf tall fescue
Greenhouses and Seed Starting Supplies
We have seed flats, inserts, flat covers, seed starting soil, heating mats, grow lights, lighted plant stands, mini greenhouses, peat pots, plastic grower pots and many more items that homeowners need for starting their own seeds.

Spring Plant Protectors

Mother Nature is very unpredictable and can sometimes be very destructive to newly planted flowers and vegetables. Late frosts are one of Mother Nature’s favorite methods of taking the fun out of gardening. You can fool Mother Nature by covering your garden with a garden blanket if the temperature gets too cold. Garden Blankets are light weight and allow the sunlight to penetrate. The gardeners at Temple Square often use garden blankets in the fall to protect their pansies from the cold and the lack of snow. We at J&L use garden blankets every spring to protect our plants because mother nature always seems to send one last, late frost at the most inconvient time. Another easy way to harden seedlings is to put them outside in a miniature greenhouse or coldframe. Unfortunately coldframes and unheated greenhouses are not always warm enough to protect plants from a real hard frost.

The Wall of Water is becoming more popular every year.. The wall of water helps protect tomato, pepper, and squash plants from late frosts. You can plant vegetables four to five weeks earlier than normal by using the Wall of Water. The wall of water will actually protect a plant down to sixteen degrees because as water freezes it produces heat. Be sure to set up your wall of water at least a week before you plant anything. One problem with a Wall of Water is if one of the tubes starts to leak many people will just throw it away. We have repair tubes available that you can insert in the leaky tube to seal the leak. These repair tubes are available in packages of six and are fairly inexpensive.

Tomato Cages

There is no doubt that tomato plants benefit greatly from being staked or put in cages. Indeterminate varieties of tomatoes can grow 8′ to 10′ tall if they are properly supported. Tomato Cages are available in all sizes, colors and shapes. We sell the Standard Round and Square tomato cages. UnfortunatelyEarth Box Container System these types of cages are usually thrown away after one or two seasons. We have ‘Heavy Duty’ Tomato Cages manufactured by the Glamos company that last longer. We also have some ‘Super Heavy Duty’ Tomato Cages imported by Oregon Wire Products. These cages are very heavy duty and should last for many years.

In addition we sell a ‘Tomato Hoop System’ made by Merlin Tracy. This system uses a heavy duty metal hoop that you tie the tomato plant to as it grows. In addition ther are several decorative Obelisks and Trellises perfect for Tomatoes and Vegetables,.


Water-Saving Supplies
Water is a critical part of home gardening. As water becomes scarce we need to be more aware of conservation. The key is using water efficiently not extravagantly. We stock many items that will help save water in your yard. ‘Soil Moist’ Water Aborbing Polymer Crystals, Soaker Hoses, Drip Irrigation Supplies, and Watering Wands. For more information about using less water in your gardens, download a copy of our Water, How Much and Waterwise Gardeninghandouts.
Pruning Supplies
We stock quality pruning tools by Corona Tool Company, Flexrake Company, Felco Company, and the Bond Company. You can buy replacement parts for Corona Pruning Tools on the Corona Company website.
Children’s Tools and Supplies
Do you remember when your parents informed you, as a child, that you would have the “pleasure” of working in the yard? This usually meant pulling weeds or crawling along the back fence on your hands and knees clipping the grass by hand. You probably thought it was anything but “Fun”! Times have changed.

Today we trim the grass with string trimmers and prevent weeds with chemicals and bark mulch. Your children and grandchildren are much more aware of the environment than we were. They know that they have a role in protecting and beautifying the earth. Gardening is still America’s #1 leisure activity. It can build strong family bonds, and you can show your children the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food or making your environment beautiful.

Children are natural gardeners. They’re curious, like to learn by doing, and love to play in the dirt. Working in a garden, a child can experience the satisfaction that comes from caring for something over time, while observing the cycle of life firsthand. Gardening gives children a chance to learn an important life skill, one that is overlooked in standard school curriculums. Gardening is also a great way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature.

There’s nothing like savoring the fresh fruit from your own trees, or the corn from your own backyard. Nothing you buy from the store ever tastes so good. Teach your children to enjoy the garden now, and you are teaching them something they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Some of the gardening supplies we have for Children are: Butterfly nets, Insect Collection Jars, Ant Hills, Butterfly Gardens, Watering Cans, Childrens Gloves Hats, and Hand Tools.

Potting Soils & Mulches
Black Gold Potting Soil, Black Gold® has long been recognized as a premium potting soil. Several Different mixes are available including ‘Seed Starting Blend’, ‘African Violet Soil’, ‘Cactus Soil’, and ‘All-Purpose Potting Soil’.

Gardener’s Gold Potting Soil -is a rich, all natural blend of finely screened, composted fir bark fines, worm castings, real topsoil, redwood peat moss, chicken manure,and sand. pH balanced with dolomite and oyster shell limes. Good for all indoor or outdoor container plants. We also sell Mountain West Bark Products, Fertimulch, Nutrimulch, Bumper Crop and many ‘Bulk Mulches’ and ‘Bulk Rock Products’. For more information about our soils and mulches, please visit our Soil & Mulches Page.


Door Mats

Choose from many different, interchangable designs – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine, Spring Summer and Fall. Many Styles have matching mailbox covers, garden signs, or garden flags. Buy a Blank Rubber Doormat and replace the Decorative Insert for every season.
Put your Favorite College Team on your front porch, or in a bedroom. USU, UofU, BYU

Raised Bed Gardening

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