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Since early times gardeners have grown plants in containers. It is as old as gardening itself; flowering plants were grown in ornate vases in China long before the Christian era began. Shrub-filled clay pots were a feature of the gardens in Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. The Grand Gardens of Britain and France have long had their impressive stone urns filled to overflowing with flowers.

The concept of container gardening may have been around for hundreds of years, but it is now the fastest-growing sector of the garden scene. Container gardening has become even more popular partly due to the increase of apartment and condo dwellers but also because many homeowners want to add color to their porches and patios. Container gardening is amazingly flexible; a broad spectrum of plants can be used including some very pretty herbs and vegetable plants.

J&L has ‘Lots of Pots’BloomMasterPots

We have plastic pots, ceramic pots, clay pots, hanging pots, redwood pots, metal pots, cement pots, peatmoss pots, fiber pots, wire basket pots, growers pots, foam pots and Bloom Master Pots.
Choose from 2″ sized pots up to 30″ sized pots. Decorative or plain pots. Seed starting pots, bonsai pots, or patio pots.

J&L has tables to pot on: Redwood Potting Tables; PVC potting tables; Metal Potting Tables.

J&L has stands to put your pots on: Choose from spiral plant stands, bakers racks, fern stands, 2 tier rectangle stands, bookshelf plant stands, lighted plants stands, and plant stand trees.

J&L also helps recycle used nursery pots: We have a recycle bin in our parking lot that you can drop off your used pots anytime, day or night.

Types of Pottery