Spring Houseplant Care

Now that winter is almost over, you should start fertilizing your houseplants more frequently. Fertilize most of your houseplants every two weeks in the spring, instead of once a month that you fertilized them during the winter. Use Schultz All Purpose Fertilizer or one of the other specialty fertilizers such as African Violet Fertilizer, Cactus Fertilizer, Blooming and Rooting Fertilizer, or Orchid Fertilizer. Each type of houseplant needs its own special type of fertilizer and care. Take time to learn about your houseplant’s special needs.

Insects are another problem you need to watch for all the time. It is nice to have an indicator that alerts you to a potential problem rather than waiting until a major outbreak occurs. Put a few Yellow Sticky Traps near your houseplants. The yellow color attracts many insects and they get stuck on the glue. If you start seeing a large number of insects on the traps, you know it is time to inspect your plants for possible problems. We use traps in our houseplant department all the time, to help us prevent insect problems.